By Andrez Bergen

“I’m serious, Trista.”

“I know you are.”

“You might know how to shoot one of the things, but you’ve never used a gun on a person before.”

“Me? I”m hoping I won’t have to.”

Things get shaken up in the latest issue of Trista and Holt as Trista has a job to do… but is she ready for it?

Writer/artist Andrez Bergen kicks off this issue with where it ends, which is a small glimpse into the aftermath of Trista’s night out on the town — it didn’t go that well. The lines that kicks off the story are “Yeah… so this looks bad. Fact I’m bleeding all over the floor gives the game away.” From this point we’re taken to the events leading up to it, which is a very busy day for Trista starting with a meeting with Marcella Cornwall (Patriarch of the Cornwall crime family) — and the meeting doesn’t go well for her either; girl can’t catch a break!

The artwork in this issue is once again black and white and composed of many different pictures, even featuring celebrities. This time Bergen does something even more fun with the backgrounds as he places sheets of music behind some of the panels as Marcella is playing the piano during Trista’s visit with her. Bergen’s work with the panels during this scene is great as he flashes back and forth between the two characters as well as the fingers on the keys of the piano. After a couple of pages of the sheet music being behind the panels, Bergen places some of the music in white overlapping the black shadowed image of Trista, creating a nice interaction with the pages beforehand.  It’s clear Bergen likes to experiment with this style of artwork as he works to create unique pages with each and every issue.

Issue #4 of Trista and Holt takes the story to a new level of drama as we’re left with an ending that leaves everything is disarray — will Trista be okay?!

Trista Holt 4 COVER smaller

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