By Andrez Bergen

“Which left me in that empty bar — a deck of playing cards scattered across the linoleum, amidst cigarette ash, spilled blood, several bullet casings… A gaping maw that led into the deserted 3:00 a.m. street, sirens approaching, and I had a six centimeter hole in my gut.”

That quote right there should be enough to get to you check out issue #5 of Trista and Holt. Just when you think Bergen has shown you all he knows about the noir style of storytelling he shoots out another great line, this issue being packed with quite a few actually.

Writer/artist Andrez Bergen once again creates a fast paced hardboiled story, this time splitting the story pretty evenly between characters Issy and Trista. The quote above relating to one of the other characters of the story… wonder where he is…

Bergen’s approach to the artwork is once again based off of taking various pictures from the media and applying them to the page, keeping everything in a black and white color scheme that plays into the noir feeling of the story even more. A great scene from this issue comes when Trista is describing what had happened with Holt. One page shows the various facial expressions leading up to a knife on the last panel, with the next page composed of broken glass. Connect the dots! What do you think happened?

Issue #5 of Trista and Holt adds another layer of suspense into the fold as the story continues to travel deeper into hardboiled storytelling territory.


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