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This week, Paul and I are joined by Chris from the VCR podcast, and Tyler from to discuss the evolution of Harbinger into what has become Imperium.

We take particular interest in the relationship between Harada, Peter, and the Bleeding Monk, and how this trio has shaped those around him, and themselves – and of course, there was Sunlight on Snow talk. If you haven’t read Harbinger or aren’t up to date on Imperium, this should be a great primer you, and older fans may find some food for thought. Next week, we will be talking to Joshua Dysart himself about these books so it starts here!

You can find Chris on the Valiant Comics Review and the Canadian Valiant Fan Club. Tyler is the Editor-in-Chief over at All-Comic, be sure to follow his great work there.

Paul is @whospaul, and I am @Valiant_Central on Twitter. Don’t forget to also check out Ivar’s Longbox, our podcast with Josh Eves from Valiant Effort where we look back at previous incarnations of Valiant books from the 90s.

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