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Welcome to another episode of the Valiant Central Podcast, bring you real talk, and interviews from fans just like you!

This week, Paul and I are joined by site contributor and Valiant superfan Amy Okamoto and we talk a little bit about some of favorite female characters at Valiant.

Then, we are joined by Harbinger and Imperium writer Joshua Dysart and have a great discussion on his work at Valiant, his work aboard, the World Food Program, and get many of the questions that were submitted to us answered. A huge thanks to Josh for joining us this week, we really enjoyed having him on. If you’d like to skip directly to the interview section, fast forward to about minute 18.

We’re all on Twitter so find us there. Josh is @JoshuaDysart, Amy is @amymystery, Paul is @whospaul and I am @Valiant_Central. Be sure to check out Josh’s website for images and videos of his recent trip to the Middle East. Until next week, Stay Valiant!

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