In our first episode, we discussed Valiant’s solicitations and schedule over the last few months, but now we look into the future and talk about what’s coming up as Valiant Next kicks into full gear. We tackle each of the books, and talk about what excites us. This episode ran a little long, but expect future shows to be between 30 and 45 minutes.

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  • Before you said anything explaining it, I heard “Let’s Kill Hitler” and immediately went into a whole rant to myself about how comic/doctor who fans are going to rip this book a new one for “copying” and what not. I’m hoping its not. Killing Hitler is just all too common. Its what every politically correct person says when you ask what they would do first with time travel powers or whatever. Looking forward to it for sure though.

  • Funny, that same comment has come up before, as well as the comparison of this book to the good Doctor. If that’s what it ends up being, I’m ok with that, but I believe Van Lente is going to KILL it.

  • I find that most people in North American have no clue about this Dr. who guy , especially the younger generation ? I vaguely remember a really awful 70s or 80s TV show as a kid but that’s it and it didn’t last long ! Read a quote from FVL saying that he didn’t even know about the episode in reference because he hadn’t watched Dr. who …….. I think the only people who even know about the episode in question are dr. Who fans.
    Anyways , I can’t wait for this series myself. It’s nice to see another VH1 character in their own on going series.

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comments (5)

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