Welcome to a new episode of the Valiant Central Podcast. As we enter our 30s, we figure we would take a step back from shenanigans to get into some serious Valiant Comics discussion.

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We start off talking about what it means to be a Valiant fan, and the interesting dynamic that we have seen among the groups and various podcasts over the past couple of years and how varied our origins and experiences are. We also dive a bit into the latest issue of Ninjak, how amazing Stormwatch was under Warren Ellis, and how Valiant’s event books have evolved over the years from Harbinger Wars, to Armor Hunters, to Book of Death.

A huge thanks to Nick Wetmore for joining us. You can find Nick on Twitter @NickWetmore and on the upcoming Nerdy Legion Podcast. Martin is @geekvine and Paul is @whospaul.

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