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Valiant Characters Correlation Chart



Valiant fan @I_r_o_n_Y has created this amazing Valiant Universe Correlation Chart showing how all the major Valiant characters are related to one another, check it out and let us know what you think! LOVE the art style, too!

  • Brett Simon

    Very cute! I like it a lot.


    That is great, thank you for sharing. It sure helps new comers understand the universe easier. Not that the Valiant Universe is so big that one can get lost in but still helps.

  • poor Shadowman… all alone in the corner… no love.

    • Brett Simon

      Rai has it worse 🙁

  • Julian

    Ya Shadowman is only somewhat related to everyone else through the Mirage’s involvement in the Immortal Enemy fight until bloodshot:reborn #10 or Book of Death respectively hopefully. Also Rai has something to with with almost everyone in the VU. Most notably Eternal Warrior after the revelations in the last few issues but until we get more info this is a fantastic chart. I love it.

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