Did you know that 12 out of 10 Valiant fans recommend the Valiant Database? Ok, I made that statistic up, but if you’re a Valiant fan, the database has been getting bigger and better since the last update, and if you haven’t created an account yet, I recommend you join, it’s free.

Valiant Database has 1981 different books and variants from the classic (1991-1996) and current (2012-) universe and will be expanding to the Acclaim era shortly. Since the last update posted, here are some of the improvements:

  • All new collection feature is super fast allowing you to keep track of books you own.
  • Don’t have a book yet? Just add it to your wishlist!
  • Once you add a book to your collection, you can rate it so other users can get a feel for how the book might be.
  • All new profile pages with quick statistics on users, their collections, wishlist, and ratings. You can view other users’ information if you’d like as well and maybe help fill in some of their wanted books.
  • A new messaging system lets you send quick messages to any user on the site; this is part of a larger plan which will be unveiled soon.
  • Price guide! Ok, so it’s still in testing, but soon you will be able to see NM and CGC pricing data in the database courtesy of Valiant Market and Valiant Fans.
  • All new solicitations pages which can be exported to a spreadsheet if you wish so you can take your list to your LCS with you.
  • Looking for a release timeline? You can find links under the Solicitations menu for both classic and current Valiant titles by date (no variants or reprints).
  • Looking for a key issue? The Classic menu now has a handy page with key issue information and links for more. Current Valiant keys are coming soon.
  • You can now purchase trades directly from the database through Amazon. Doing so will support the continuation of the site.
  • Have a sketch cover done at a convention? Submit it to us via the contact page and we’ll add it to the Sketch Covers section!
  • …and so much more!

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