by Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting & Elizabeth Breitweiser

Velvet Templeton continues her mission to both clear her name and find out who set her up. It seems every answer she finds, only brings up more questions. After being cornered with a double-cross Ms. Templeton has no choice but to fight her way out of this mess.

The second arc of Velvet has only broadened the corruption that has been stewing in the shadows of ARC-7. Most should know that Ed Brubaker is a master at his craft by now, as this issue further proves. Ending the ‘Secret Lives of Dead Men’ storyline, you see Brubaker setting up the pieces for the next chapter for Velvet. Ms. Templeton is now feeling lost and confused, and it seems she’s also being used by others with their own agendas. After this issue, it’ll be exciting to see where Brubaker will take Velvet next.

Thanks to the creative team of Steve Epting and Elizabeth Breitweiser, Velvet‘s art has been pitch-perfect for this period espionage story. The tone these two set with their art is miraculous at both reflecting the period and drawing the reader into a realistic thriller. Every issue of Velvet makes for a thoroughly engaging read, but these action packed issues sure are an extra treat. Velvet fighting her way off the train right when the issue opens really thrusts readers back into the story. Breitweiser normally uses a realistic palette for Velvet, but this issue seemed even more subtle. This issue was mostly blues and oranges with some red accents and yet you wouldn’t even notice as a reader, basically making Breitwesier a coloring ninja.

Velvet is one of those great series that has a wonderful creative team that you can only expect excellence from. The best part is that they also deliver on those expectations every issue. Experiencing the deeper layers of deception involved in Velvet‘s plot is addicting for a reader. Velvet is a must read series for anyone who enjoys first-rate comics done right.


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