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Wytches #4


By Scott Synder, Jock, Matt Hollingsworth

“Yep. Rickett’s Arcade. I used to come here wit your Uncle Reg and our friends when we were your age. Hop the fence. Climb the wheel. Carve your name in the highest seat you could get to.”

Writer Scott Snyder continues the suspenseful story surrounding the Rooks family in Wytches #4. As Mr. Rooks continues his search for his daughter more is revealed on the history of their new home and the fate of Sail.

The world of Wytches is shaping up to be a truly haunting take on the concept of witches – Snyder even doing what he does best by rewriting history to weave a tale years in the making (remember when he did that in The Wake?). This story however is much darker, and in this issue the ongoing theme of anxiety lingers on as Mr. Rooks essentially becomes a detective in his pursuit of Sail.

The artwork in this series is set apart from everything else out there. Jock does a great job to create characters that actually look scary (those Wytches shall invade my dreams tonight). On colors is Matt Hollingsworth and he makes sure to make every panel pop from the page and drench every single one in color. From one page to the next you’re not given a clear color pattern, instead you’re thrown from pink to blue to orange, each color change helping to express what’s happening in the scene – blue is more dreary, pink more optimistic.

A great scene featuring these artists comes from a page following Dr. Rooks saying to Mr. Rooks – on a panel where Mr. Rooks is yelling to Sail in a flashback, “There are no such things as monsters!” (seriously awesome scripting) – the panel that follows shows the monsters of this story as two Wytches (the two I hope to not see in my dreams) look as if pulling themselves up from the ground, staring right at you as the words “CHIT-CHIT-CHIT” stand out next to them.

More was revealed this week regarding the history of these Wytches, and of the Rooks’ new home. Is anywhere safe?


  • Matthew Tupper

    I really like the story behind this comic and I like Jock in general but the art in this series has been kind of detrimental to telling the story. There are more than a few times in this and in issue 3 where I had to backtrack a couple pages and see if I missed something. It’s especially bad for this issue because I feel like I missed a revelation at the end because I couldn’t tell what was really going on.

    • I actually agree Matt. The art is good but sometimes it feels like I’ve missed sow thing. I’m not sure if this will last on my pull.

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  • Jon_L

    Yeah, I don’t think I hate the colour work as much as some people seem to, but I’m the same as you too – it often seems confusing, like you’re missing something and you never need a comic to do that