It’s already been a busy week but San Diego Comic Con 2016 is now upon us and I’m pleased to tell you that this year 2000 AD is hosting some of our favorite creators!

We are proud to announce its line-up for San Diego Comic Con – with signings by comics superstars Jock (Batman, Dredd), Lee Garbett (Loki, Batman),  and Rob Williams (Martian Manhunter, Unfollow), and exclusives, including a limited edition print of Jock’s first ever Judge Dredd cover for 2000 AD!

The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic returns to San Diego Convention Centre on 20-24 July and will be at Booth 2806, close to the Avatar and Dark Horse booths, with tables packed with the latest 2000 AD graphic novel releases.

This year’s exclusive items are limited edition prints by artists Jock and Lee Garbett:

Judge Dredd by Jock (50 copies)

Judge Dredd: The Heavy Mob by Lee Garbett (50 copies)

The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael (And The Dead Left In His Wake) by Lee Garbett (15 copies)


Please do join us for a special panel on Thursday, brought to by 2000 AD’s PR droid Michael Molcher:

The 2000 AD Thrill-Power Hour

Thursday 2pm-3pm, Room 29AB

The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic celebrates its impending 2,000th issue and next year’s 40th anniversary with a special panel. Superstar artists Chris Burnham and Lee Garbett, plus Judge Dredd writer Rob Williams, are on hand for an hour of 2000 AD announcements, chat, and laughs!


And we have a full schedule of signings with our special guests at Booth 2806 from Friday until Sunday:


Rob Williams

Booth signing – Friday 4pm-5pm

Booth signing – Saturday 2pm-3pm


Lee Garbett

Booth signing – Friday 4pm-5pm

Booth signing – Saturday 2pm-3pm

Booth signing – Sunday 12pm-1pm



Booth signing – Saturday 1pm-2pm

Booth signing – Sunday 3pm-4pm


And if you’re going to be there, please do drop by the booth and say hi!


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