UPDATED 4/29: Oh, Mosaic has something to do with the Inhumans, huh? Well then. Okay. Maybe it’ll be…uh…cool. The teasers certainly have a nice aesthetic going and, you know, some people like the Inhumans. So, uh…yeah.


UPDATED 4/28: “Where is Mosaic?”??? Topeka? Nah, it’s probably that place where 99% of the Marvel Universe takes place. And look who’s in this piece! Uh…some guys. Is that Namor? Maybe a kid? This is hard. Puzzles are hard. We should turn these pieces over first and see if that helps. Can we do that? We can’t do that? Damn. Okay, fine. Mosaic is apparently a person and/or thing and/or place. But, when is Mosaic? Boom! Riddle me that, Marvel. Anyway, take a look at the latest puzzle piece teaser from Marvel.


UPDATED 4/27: Surprise! Another puzzle piece! We’ve gone from “Who is Mosaic?” to “What is Mosaic?” back again to “Who is Mosaic?” What does it all mean?!?! But, in a way, aren’t we all mosaics strewn about this tapestry we call life? Maybe the real Mosaic has been inside us all along. Or maybe it’s Jessica Jones’ new series. Or at least a street-level type book focusing on Civil War II from the normies perspective, like Frontline or whathaveyou.  Or something in that vein giving the similar aesthetic to the original Alias series. Anyway…it’s called a teaser for a reason.


UPDATED 4/26: Add another piece…

This is totally going to be for a new Jessica Jones series, right? No? C’mon, it’s gotta be.mosaic2teaser



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