By Matt Kindt, Trevor HairsineRyan WinnDavid Baron, and Dave Lanphear

“Absolute, true and mathematical time, of itself, and from its own nature flows equably without regard to anything external, and by another name is called duration: relative, apparent and common time, is some sensible and external (whether accurate or unequable) measure of duration by the means of motion, which is commonly used instead of true time ..”
― Sir Isaac Newton,  Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, 1687

With three consecutive well-earned 5-Star ratings, and an average reader rating of 92.5%, Divinity II has clearly proven that a second series can meet (and in many ways exceed) reader and fan exceptions!  There is nothing like Divinity II in the comic book industry right now, as the events and action occur in multiple dimensions of both space and time. The title characters (both with the power to alter reality) are locked in a battle beyond the comprehension of mortal man as (much like two master swordsmen with the finest of tempered blades) the god-like power each possesses are equal. What separates them is their own knowledge, philosophy, and goals.

Divinity II is far beyond a basic superhero story; it is high-quality modern science-fiction with elements of psychological warfare congruent with each character’s own philosophical disposition; simultaneously occurring in the past and the present.

Writer Matt Kindt takes everything that has made this series phenomenal to this point, and turns the dial up a notch. For readers and fans who are familiar with the Harada vs Divinity battle of Imperium #7 and #8, the events of Divinity II #3 will most certainly be enjoyable. “Time is not absolute…” in this story.

The art team of Trevor Hairsine, Ryan Winn, and David Baron continue to produce the level of visual excellence readers and fans have come to expect. There are at-least three full splash pages in this issue (penciled by Hairsine, inked by Winn, colored by Baron) that are completely frame-worthy. Hairsine is tasked with visually depicting a battle which occurs simultaneously in the past and the present (think about that for a second; if most people pulled that card during a game of Pictionary, they would be completely stumped). This concept is perfectly rendered with a double-page spread (DPS) on pages 5 and 6, and again with a DPS on pages 13 and 14. Winn’s inks blend flawlessly over Hairsine’s pencils as if these two artist were born to work together. Barron colors (always stellar) provide a few additional layers of light that this series has not shown so far. The sun-flare and lens-flare on the final page are an example of how his colors add life, warmth, and depth to a completely stunning splash page, while his small details depicting the graffiti on the West Berlin side of the Berlin Wall is perfect, and show a strong and accurate attention to the time period.

Divinity II #3 is an incredible issue that is part of an outstanding series; expanding what is known about an incredible work of science fiction. Critics and readers alike are praising Divinity for a very good reason; it is among the absolute best books the comic industry is publishing today.


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