Be First to Get CIVIL WAR II #3 & the Marvel NOW! Previews Magazine!
Marvel NOW! Begins at Midnight on July 13th

New York, NY—July 8th, 2016 — You’ve seen the blockbuster announcements, but those were just the beginning. Mark your calendars, True Believers because Marvel NOW! comes to your local comic shops at 12:00 AM your local time this coming Wednesday July 13th! We’re celebrating the dual release of CIVIL WAR II #3 and the free MARVEL NOW! PREVIEWS MAGAZINE with an epic midnight release for these two can’t miss books! Participating stores will be holding Marvel NOW! midnight release parties. Fans are encouraged to call their local comic shop for additional information and confirmation of midnight release parties!

Visit For a List of Participating Retailers in Your Area!*

Who will fall? That’s the question on everyone’s lips, as one of the biggest heroes in the Marvel Universe meets their end. Who is it and how will divide fans for years to come. It all happens in CIVIL WAR II #3 – and you can be one of the first to find out! How can the heroes of the Marvel Universe survive after the unthinkable happens? As the war escalates to new heights, the table is set for Marvel NOW! Then, get your biggest look into Marvel NOW! yet with the free MARVEL NOW! PREVIEWS MAGAZINE! Exclusive to comic shops, this magazine is packed cover-to-cover with new series announcements, creator interviews and a snapshot of the Marvel Universe of tomorrow!

The party starts at Tuesday night at midnight at your local comic shops! Be there for the midnight release of CIVIL WAR II #3 and the MARVEL NOW! PREVIEWS MAGAZINE on Wednesday, 7/13!

*List of participating stores based upon retailers who ordered CIVIL WAR II #3 QUESADA MIDNIGHT VARIANT. Fans are encouraged to call their local retailers for additional information about midnight openings.

To find a comic shop near you, visit or call 1-888-comicbook. 

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