Manga Fights EP. 3: “Toriko (feat. Maxy Barnard)”

It’s time for another episode of All-Comic Presents: Manga Mavericks Presents: Manga Fights sponsored by Geoff Martin Art Sales (not really)! Operating in the same fashion as Screen Junkies’ Movie Fights, Manga Fights features passionate manga fans debating it out over manga-related several topics both intriguing and insane. With the Manga Mavericks as your hosts, intelligent conversations, heated arguments, and unintentional comedy is always sure to abound!

To honor the recently concluded Shonen Jump action manga Toriko, the Mavericks enlist their friend and fellow Shonen Jump podcaster Maxy Barnard of Friendship! Effort! Victory! to debate the series with them! Sid faces off against Maxy on 10 Toriko-related topics, each one hungering to take the crown of world’s nerdiest Toriko fan. Will Maxy be able to out-eat two-time champion Sid? Or is Sid’s thirst to win as bottomless as his reservoir of Toriko quotes? Find out as the boys debate about who the best character in Toriko is (spoiler: it’s Midora), whether Toriko diminished in quality after the time-skip, if Jesse Eisenburg would make a good Toriko, and a whole bunch more!

Podcast Breakdown:

00:19 – Introducing the Combatants!
02:10 – How We Got Into Toriko

Debate Round:

9:43 – Best Fight in Toriko?
22:55 – Best Arc in Toriko?
40:20 – Best Creature Design in Toriko?
54:40 – Most Memorable Moment in Toriko?
1:12:54 – Did Toriko Diminish In Quality After the Timeskip?

Speed Round:

1:35:28 – Which Other Shonen Jump Series Should Toriko Have Had A Crossover With?
1:41:43 – Who is the Best Shonen Jump Chef? – Komatsu, Sanji, Soma, or someone else?
1:47:23 – Pitch Toriko as a Live-Action Movie
1:55:20 – Funniest Moment in Toriko?
2:01:34 – Pitch the Next Series Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro Should Draw


2:10:03 – E-mail: Allison’s Toriko Thoughts
2:12:47 – Q&A: “What’s up with Joie?”
2:16:10 – Q&A: “Is there a limit to how much you can eat in a full course?”
2:17:20 – Q&A: “How do Gourmet Demons Manifest?”
2:19:00 – Q&A: “Are you disappointed that Coco, Sunny, and Zebra’s Eight Kings arcs were skipped?”
2:22:40 – Q&A: “What would Komatsu’s Full Course Meal be?”

2:27:48 – Wrap-up

Enjoy the show, and follow us on twitter at @manga_mavericks and on tumblr at You can also follow the hosts at @sniperking323 and @lumranmayasha, and special guest Maxy Barnard at @Maxy_Barnard.  Our next Manga Mavericks will be our last show of the year and feature us discussing some of our MVPs in manga in 2016, which should be out by Wednesday, December 21st. If there are any series or mangaka you would like to see us talk about on the show or center a Manga Fight on, drop us a line in the comments below, or e-mail us at! Thanks for listening!


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  1. Ishkanah 15 December 2016

    Personally, i like deer kings character design more than bambina’s design but as a character, well i like bambina and that was logical ,bambina and heracles were the only ones from the 8 kings, that they had entire arcs with focus.

    The rest of the 8 kings well they did not had an arc each sure we saw them but at that point the story wrapped up to that point where we only saw them during the fight against neo.

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