Over 90 Titles Available Now With More On the Way!


Specially designed and optimized for digital devices, Marvel Infinite Comics take graphic storytelling forward like never before. And as of today, it’s never been easier to experience these groundbreaking comics! Marvel is pleased to announce over 90 Marvel Infinite Comics have been added to Marvel Unlimited, all set to be read right now!

Taking full advantage of the latest technology, Marvel Infinite Comics push the boundaries of what’s possible with digital comics. Showcasing new storytelling possibilities and techniques while still staying true to the medium’s greatest strengths. Dive into the Marvel Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe through these exciting new issues!

The following Marvel Infinite Comics are available through Marvel Unlimited now, with more due to be added in the future!

  • All-New Captain America: Fear Him Infinite Comic #1-#4
  • Amazing Spider-Man Cinematic Infinite Comic
  • Amazing Spider-Man: Who Am I? #1-#12
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron Prelude – This Sceptre’d Isle Infinite Comic
  • Avengers: Millenium Infinite Comic #1-#6
  • Daredevil: Road Warrior Infinite Comic #1-#4
  • Deadpool: The Gauntlet Infinite Comic #1-#13
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comic #1-#4
  • Infinity: Against The Tide Infinite Comic #1-#2
  • Iron Man: Fatal Frontier Infinite Comic #1-#13
  • Marvel’s Ant-Man – Scott Lang: Small Time MCU Infinite Comic
  • Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier Infinite Comic
  • Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Prequel Infinite Comic
  • Original Sin: Secret Avengers Infinite Comic #1-#2
  • Thanos: A God Up There Listening #1-#6
  • Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted #1 – #13
  • X-Men ’92 #1-#3

With over 17,000 comics with more added all the time, Marvel Unlimited just got even more exciting! Not a Marvel Unlimited member? Visit Marvel.com/unlimited to get started today.

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