By John Dudley, Don Cardenas, Mark Dale

“I can hear the nearest guard’s breath half a kilometer out, smell the raw shrimp and seaweed he ate for lunch. They’d never see me coming…”

It’s the perfect crime…steal his leftover seaweed! Muahahahaha!!

Packs of the Low Country returns with issue #4 as writer John Dudley and artist Don Cardenas continue the action-packed story. Who doesn’t love to see people fighting werewolves anyway? This issue serves to give us a bit more insight on Connect, who are the baddies in this tale as our hero Bass learns more about his newfound abilities – having taken on the traits of a wolf himself.

Something Dudley does well in this issue is create a balance between the humor and action. Right from the start we get the intense scene featuring the line above. It’s a scene that showcases how powerful the abilities are of those possessing the wolf characteristics. Not long after that scene we get the line from Bass “Okay, so I’m now part wolf, riding in a hovercraft that’s powered by Hel? This is getting ridiculous.” Hel being one of the other characters in the story. Dudley does similar switches between action and humor throughout the issue as a scene that shortly follows this one shows off some of the action-loaded artwork of Cardenas…

The artwork on this series is done by Don Cardenas along with colors by Mark Dale. The scene masterfully alluded to in the previous paragraph features Bass telling Hel to stop the buggy/hovercraft because he senses something in the nearby woods. He gets out of the buggy as an attacking wolf leaps out – looking ferocious! The scene consists of five panels, two of which show the wolf getting a blow against Bass, followed by him landing one hell of a punch with a “Shukk” sound into the face of the wolf-man – which sounds painful. Cardenas gives intense looks to both the wolf and Bass, and a stunned and confused look on the wolf’s face when Bass delivers the punch. Dale keeps the action scene ignited with bright yellows and splashes of red.

Issue #4 shows us how Bass is using his newfound abilities to fight back against the threats of the low country. John Dudley crafts a story that draws a bigger focus on the approaching threat while uniting our hero with people who can help him become even stronger. Don Cardenas and Mark Dale deliver more detailed work as they put focus on Bass and his abilities – along with a cool new outfit (complete with pouches!).


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