This week on the Valiant Central Podcast, Paul and Martin are joined by number one Valiant fan, Matt Barton, to discuss the state of Valiant comics, what makes a book a tentpole of the universe, why Faith has become such an important title, 4001 A.D., Rai, how the upcoming books are different than anything Valiant’s done so far and so much more! This is one love filled episode you do not want to miss.

Remember that next week, Josh Eves from the Valiant Effort podcast will be joining us as we begin our in-depth look at Valiant history and we dive deep into the significance of old school books. We will begin our journey in chronological order as we start with the Anni Pada’s early history by reading Timewalker #0, Eternal Warrior #37-38, and Eternal Warrior #1.

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About The Author Martin Ferretti

Martin Ferretti is an avid comic book reader, Hearthstone player, IT professional, father, and all around geek. His fascination with Valiant Comics may be bordering on the insane, but hey, it keeps him happy.