This week on an all new Valiant Central Podcast, Paul and Martin begin with a discussion on how lighthearted the latest batch of Valiant books are and how some old school fans are starting to feel a bit alienated. Then, we answer some amazing listener questions sent to us at We love listener feedback so keep those questions coming!

Our “Return to Ivar’s Longbox” episode with Joshua Eves has been pushed back a week but never fear, it is almost here! Remember that we will be reading Timewalker #0, Eternal Warrior #37-38 and Eternal Warrior #1 for our first deep dive into classic Valiant history, next time, on the show that keeps on giving.

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  • Hey guys. great podcast, as per usual. On the topic of Bloodshot, I had a thought/question. I really thought Lemire was going to re-introduce the VH1 psiot angle to Ray Garrison’s character in Reborn. I always felt that the VH1 Bloodshot’s rare ability to control his nanites as a result of his psiot power was a great way to express his uniqueness (plus it created a great interconnection to the Harbinger world, IMHO)…. actually dreading the further watering down of the Bloodshot legacy in the USA mini…

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