Welcome back to the Valiant Central Podcast! This week, Joshua Eves joins Paul and Martin for a fun filled discussion of classic Valiant titles! We begin our discussion by looking at the early history of the Anni-Padda brothers – Ivar, Gilad and Armstrong – by reading the classic Valiant issues Timewalker #0, Eternal Warrior #37-38 and Eternal Warrior #1. We then move on to talk about Unity 2000 the unfinished return of Jim Shooter to Valiant. Finally, we have a follow up to to a previous episode with regards to the lighthearted direction of Valiant lately and do a quick comparison between Faith, SuperZero from Aftershock, and Batgirl from DC, answer listener questions, and more! Also, stay tuned for after the outro music as we talk a little bit about the Ninjak web series.

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About The Author Martin Ferretti

Martin Ferretti is an avid comic book reader, Hearthstone player, IT professional, father, and all around geek. His fascination with Valiant Comics may be bordering on the insane, but hey, it keeps him happy.