Welcome back to the Valiant Central Podcast! This week, Joshua Eves joins Paul and Martin for a fun filled discussion of classic Valiant titles! We begin our discussion by looking at the early history of the Anni-Padda brothers – Ivar, Gilad and Armstrong – by reading the classic Valiant issues Timewalker #0, Eternal Warrior #37-38 and Eternal Warrior #1. We then move on to talk about Unity 2000 the unfinished return of Jim Shooter to Valiant. Finally, we have a follow up to to a previous episode with regards to the lighthearted direction of Valiant lately and do a quick comparison between Faith, SuperZero from Aftershock, and Batgirl from DC, answer listener questions, and more! Also, stay tuned for after the outro music as we talk a little bit about the Ninjak web series.

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