On this week’s Valiant Central Podcast, Paul and Martin dive deep into some listener questions, but first, we have a little discussion on the latest happenings on the Valiant Central Fantasy Football League. and how to get involved with the various Valiant communities around the web. Then, we spend a good deal of time answer a listener question about intercompany crossovers as it relates to Valiant which leads us to discuss the current state of Valiant titles and their direction moving forward. How does the direction impact other books and the universe as a whole? Are the books currently in a good place or are things in a state of limbo right now? Listen in and find out!

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About The Author Martin Ferretti

Martin Ferretti is an avid comic book reader, Hearthstone player, IT professional, father, and all around geek. His fascination with Valiant Comics may be bordering on the insane, but hey, it keeps him happy.