By Robert VendittiRaul Allen, Patricia Martin, David Astruga, and Borja Pindado

“The battle over flesh and blood cannot compare to the battle for the heart…”
― Ted Dekker

With the release of Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #10, it can now be said that writer Robert Venditti and artist Raul Allen have created a complete masterpiece with this title; one that, much like a proper gourmet diner, has slowly cooked month after month before being served to a welcoming fan base. It truly is a phenomenal written work, that visually stands apart from everything else in the comic industry right now. The characterization is clear, the story actually makes sense, the history is there, as is the potential for future stories to be told. “The Labyrinth” story arc deserves an award for comic book excellence.

Venditti’s story is not done with this issue, but sets up so much to come that readers can only look forward to what he has in store next. “The Dying One” is the sort of diabolical character that The Eternal Warrior needs, and is deeply connected to our hero in so many way and on so many levels. Many questions are answered, and more are asked, which makes for fantastic story telling. Dialog is writing in such a way that readers will not likely feel as though they have seen this story before, because they have not. The interactions between, and intentions of each character are quite clear, with very human qualities and motivation that are completely understandable from each character’s own perspective. There is simply not enough that can be said about the quality of this book, and the series as a whole.

Artist Raul Allen’s work on this issue, and this title, have been some of the absolute finest in the industry. His artwork (along with Patricia Martin’s colors) can be hardbound and given to art students as a textbook of what to do. The opening double page spread on pages #2 and #3 is one of the best battle aftermath scenes Every panel has meaning and progresses the story. Every color is deliberate and draws the reader’s eyes exactly where the creators intend them to be. Negative space is used , and several panels are so simple, with such an effective use of artistic vision and restraint, that they are simply perfect. Nothing is over done, and everything is balanced in such a way that deserving of the highest praise that can be given.

It has been said before, and deserves mentioning again: Wrath of the Eternal Warrior is an incredibly strong series that is far better than its printed numbers suggest. Readers who are looking for something fresh and interesting that is well thought out and crafted with equal quality are encouraged to pick up this series either in trade paperback format or by individual issue and get caught up. It is a sleeper story that deserves a look.


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