As reported by, a Judge Dredd TV series is in the works. After the cult hit Dredd in 2012, fans have been clamouring for a follow up title, a Netflix TV show or, really, any on-screen version of Judge Dredd they could get their hands on. Rebellion, the owners of 2000 AD and the copyright to Judge Dredd, are set to work with IM Global to make this dream a reality. Chris and Jason Kingsley, who own Rebellion, have a deep love for Judge Dredd and are determined to make this venture just as successful, if not more successful, than the 2012 Dredd film that finally washed the taste of that 1995 Judge Dredd film out of fan’s collective mouths. Jason Kingsley and producer Brian Jenkins announced the project to the world earlier today:

You can also enjoy 2000 AD Thrill-Cast voice and PR droid MOLCH-R filling you in on just where you can start reading Judge Dredd to get prepared for this incoming series. Believe me, Earthlets, this man will never steer you wrong.

Judge Dredd

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