Manga Mavericks EP. 26 – “Sunday! Sunday! Shonen Sunday!”

Hey, I technically got this up on Sunday, right? Ah, I suppose it doesn’t matter if you’re not listening to this episode on the day it was posted anyway. Sorry for the delay, but the rough audio for this episode was over four hours long and I had to edit it instead of Colton. But hopefully because this is such a long – and stuffed – episode it was well worth the wait!

That’s right, our long awaited Weekly Shonen Sunday episode is finally here! We’re joined by returning guest and good friend Bomber D Rufi, who recently started a blog dedicated to recapping each new issue of the oft underappreciated magazine. We cover several of Sunday’s current hits and other underlooked gems in the lineup, as well as some of the most notable mangaka working for the imprint! To top it off, we answer two of the most pressing questions when it comes to Shonen Sunday: why is it so unpopular compared to Shonen Jump, and why the hell was Keijo!!!!!!!! even a thing?!!!!!!!!

But that’s not all! We’ve got our regular news coverage to go over, running down series that have ended or are ending soon and some exciting new licenses courtesy of Kodansha USA. Plus, we discuss the latest two Jump Starts, Demon Prince Poro’s Diaries and Hungry Marie! Do these two new comedies bring some fresh humor to Jump’s lineup, or are their jokes as stale and stagnant as Keijo!!!!!!!!‘s sales? Why not spend your next lazy Sunday afternoon listening to this podcast and find out!


00:15 – Introductions & Updates

Jump Start Discussions:

01:45 – Demon Prince Poro’s Diaries
08:30 – Hungry Marie


19:40 – Monthly Bookscan February List
20:55 – Ole Golazo Has Ended
22:39 – Fairy Tail Confirmed to be in it’s Final Arc
29:55 – To Love Ru Darkness Has Ended
34:34 – Denpa Kyōshi and Hayate the Combat Butler Are Ending Soon
41:47 – Terraformars Goes on Hiatus Due to Yu Sasuga’s Health
50:30 – Tsutoui Nihei’s Aposimz to be Simulpublished on Comixology
51:30 – Yen Press to Simulpublish Napping Princess
52:13 – Takahiro Launches New Manga “Hinowa Ga Yuku!” on June 24th
52:44 – New Dark Horse Releases
55:06 – New Kodansha USA Licenses
1:07:36 – Fakku Looking to Publish their Titles in Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Weekly Shonen Sunday Discussion:

1:13:00 – What is Weekly Shonen Sunday?
1:22:05 – Tsubasa Fukuchi & Saike Once Again
1:32:32 – Ryoko
1:40:51 – Notable Currently-Running Shonen Sunday Titles
1:43:25 – Syun Matsuena & Tokiwa Kitaeri!!
1:50:15 – Kazuhiro Fujita & Souboutei Must Be Destroyed
2:00:20 – Zettai Karen Children
2:02:35 – Mushibugyo
2:03:50 – Hatsukoi Zombie
2:08:45 – Komi-san Has a Communication Sickness
2:11:22 – Maou-jou de Oyasumi
2:14:12 – Yugami’s Got No Friends
2:17:45 – Yellow Tanabe & Birdmen
2:18:32 – Shonen Sunday Anime
2:21:49 – Aya Hirakawa & Tenshi to Akuto
2:24:02 – Kenjirou Hata: An Otaku’s Otaku
2:26:34 – Why Sunday is on Tuesday (AKA the Origins of Bomber’s Blog)
2:45:00 – Q&A: Why is Shonen Sunday Not as Popular as Shonen Jump?
2:57:22 – Q&A: Why is Keijo!!!!!!!! Even a Thing?
3:07:26 – Bomber’s Favorite Shonen Sunday Manga

3:25:38 – Wrap-Up

Enjoy the show, and follow us on twitter at @manga_mavericks, on tumblr at, and now on Youtube! You can also follow the hosts on twitter at @sniperking323 and @lumranmayasha and Bomber D Rufi at @kiirobon. Don’t forget to also like and subscribe to us on Youtube and iTunes and leave us reviews to help us curate the show and create better content! If there are any topics, series or mangaka you would like to see us talk about on the show, drop us a line in the comments below, or e-mail us at! Thanks for listening!


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