By Brenden Fletcher, Babs Tarr and Cameron Stewart

From the creative team that brought you the fan-favorite series, Batgirl (of Burnside), the new Image series Motor Crush is everything you’d expect and more. As if it wasn’t a sure enough bet — going into an all-new series by creators you trust and appreciate — Motor Crush is actually a remarkably fresh story with characters worth investing in. You get three storytellers here all working in what feels like a perfect harmony out of dedication for the comic. It is a rewarding experience, reading a comic book produced by talented folks who truly believe in their product. As of issue #3, it’s clear that Motor Crush sets out to be something original while providing fans with a degree of familiarity as far as writing and art are concerned. That said, it’s the premise here that keeps us engaged as we follow the exploits of main character, Domino Swift, while she attempts to balance her personal life with her racing career. Haunted by risky decisions, personal demons, and a new performance-enhancing drug, Domino strives for achievement on the racetrack during the day while leading a double life at night on the underground circuit. There is a dark side to every sport, and motorcycle racing is no different in this world, which is otherwise bright and colorful.

Motor Crush is a very likable book, with a fast, whimsical art style that radiates with vibrancy. It’s a near-future environment with slightly advanced versions of recognizable technology. Nothing here is too unbelievable, though it is a comic, so you can expect the creative team to take advantage of this medium’s potential. There is a sense of excitement no different from if you were actually at a live race with roaring engines and blurred images rushing by at high speeds. That thrilling level of intensity transcends the page giving readers a terrific sense of what it might be like to really be there. The darker side of this lifestyle may take its toll on the characters, but the comic itself never fails to be a delightful spectacle of beautiful images perfectly curated for the storyline.

By the third issue we feel as if this comic has been around for a long time already. Solid dialogue combined with a well-paced plot offers readers a sense of security with this new series. As if the events of Domino Swift’s life and career weren’t fascinating enough, there’s evidence that the Motor Crush universe has plenty more potential story to be explored. It’s a well-rounded place rich in sincerity and genuinely fun to read about. Part of the believability here is thanks to the characters’ imperfections. Everyone is capable of mistakes, the consequences of which make for a more interesting and dramatic story. No matter what ultimately happens, one thing is for certain as of this most recent issue: Motor Crush rolls with the punches and maintains break-neck speeds that other books may not be able to keep up with.

It’s worth picking up the individual issues because this comic reads like a true serial, and issue #3 has the best cliffhanger yet. Check it out and you’ll see it’s a wild ride with plenty of talent behind the scenes. Babs Tarr only continues to impress as we sit front row to what is sure to be a long and successful career. More than talented, Tarr keeps stride with the likes of Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart, two talented creators that bring a considerable amount of professional experience to the table. Each of these folks may be noteworthy-names on their own with their own respective fan bases, but as a team they continue to make something everyone can enjoy. There are twists and turns here that keep readers on the edge, which happens to be exactly where the characters in Motor Crush seem most comfortable. With strong female characters and a sort of branding that should appeal to a wider audience than usual, Motor Crush is the complete package and determined to be a hit.

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