Manga Mavericks @ Movies #3: “Sailor Moon R: The Promise of the Rose & Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions”


Miss us this past month? Well don’t fret, because on this week’s @ Movies we’ve got a nostalgic double feature to talk about! First up is the classic Sailor Moon movie “The Promise of the Rose,” a movie about Tuxedo Mask’s homoerotic relationship with a rose-twirling alien and why Sailor Moon is Jesus Christ incarnate. Then we talk about the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! movie “The Dark Side of Dimensions,” or as it should’ve really been called Kaiba-Oh! The Deft Seto of Duel-mensions! A movie that’s not just a fitting epilogue for Yu-Gi-Oh! fans, but gives you all the Seto Kaiba scene-stealing greatness you forgot you needed and now can’t live without.

Podcast Breakdown:

00:15 – Sailor Moon R: The Promise of the Rose
32:26 – Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions
1:07:30 – Wrap-Up

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