By Greg Rucka, Leandro Fernandez, Daniela Miwa, and Jodi Wynne.

The Old Guard #2 continues to impress and enthrall readers with tales of immortal soldiers and their struggle to survive an ever-changing world.  The pace of the second issue definitely slows down a bit to allow readers to catch their breaths.  With Copley on their tales, threatening their very existence with proof to expose them, our heroes (or relics as we learned in this issue) are trying to avoid any unwanted attention their particular condition might bring.  With such an action packed first issue, the pace is taken down a notch to allow for readers to learn more about Andy, her team and what they are up against.  Slowly, but surely, we are learning more about who wants to expose the relics and what kind of threat they are facing.  Meanwhile, a new relic surfaces and Andy and her team must take action and decide whether to bring her in or try to save themselves from the threat Copley poses.

This book written by Rucka and art from Fernandez has a clandestine feel to it, everything from the heavy shading of the artwork to the secretive slow reveal about the relic’s abilities.  The Old Guard #2 feels like you shouldn’t be reading it, but you somehow found this book in the restricted section of the library; the tone of the book has a somber, cautionary feel to it with Andy often in poses of thought over action, usually outfitted with a cigarette and a look of concern.  The colors are bleak with far-reaching perspective used perhaps to heighten the reader’s awareness to their loneliness.  Showing the character far away, amidst a large room or among other people it does give a feeling of isolation.  This is a stark contrast to the premiere issue where we saw Andy, Booker, Nicky, and Joe all plotting together and confident amidst battle.

Rucka does a nice job to slowly divulge information to help reader’s make sense of the story while still leaving somethings to the imagination.  We learn about Andy and her pals history, what a relic is and who wants to expose them and use them to their own benefit.  This issue certainly makes the reader feel more invested in Andy and company, enough so that by the last page there are emotions pouring out of you.  The last page is a perfect ending to this second issue.  It comes out of nowhere and there is a little foreshadowing down throughout the book to lead to the final page, but still not too much where it will leave you shocked.

The Old Guard #1 went into second and third reprinting, it was popular.  The second issue certainly lives up the hype and delivers a nice follow-up issue to the well received premiere issue.  Readers should be ready for a series well paced from Rucka, Fernandez and team that will deliver action and great story in equal measure. This issue proves that this story is going to set itself apart from other stories with the great investment we are already getting in character’s and lore into the relics abilities.  This book is highly recommended for any comic reader and also for those who may think comics are just for super heroes junkies, this can certainly change their mind.

Old Guard


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