By Matt Kindt, Carlos Alberto Fernandez Urbano (CAFU), Roberto De La Torre, and Andrew Dalhouse.

“I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the ordeal of meeting me is another matter…”
Winston Churchill

As a mini-series, Valiant Entertainment’s Rapture has been a consistent pleasure issue after issue. Writer Matt Kindt has created a solid story that takes familiar characters (e.g. Ninjak, Shadowman, Punk Mambo, and Tama the Geomancer) deep into the Deadside of the Valiant Universe while also introducing new and original characters (e.g. Rex the Razer and Babel) to keep things fresh and interesting.

Rapture #3 is two interconnected stories; the origin of Babel told as a flashback sequence in the past, and the main Rapture storyline told in the present. While on the surface Rapture may appear to be a clear-cut good versus evil story, a deeper look reveals a number of conflicting agendas for all characters involved. Ninjak’s actions differ morally from what Tama believes is right, while Shadowman has his own dark past (and demons) affecting his every thought and action. There are multiple layers of possibility in this book.

Babel’s origin story is drawn by artist Roberto De La Torre (Shadowman and Doctor Mirage), who employs sharp lines, as well as traditional hatching and cross-hatching techniques to create life-like anatomy and proportions, while also visually stylized and artistically gritty in nature. Colors are provided by Andrew Dalhouse who creates layered watercolor backgrounds with a textured appearance. This is accomplished with a minimalistic, while also effective color palette. The result is a quality indie comic look that fans of Shadowman and Doctor Mirage will greatly appreciate.

For the main story line, artist Carlos Alberto Fernandez Urbano (CAFU) is as brilliant as ever! CAFU continues his wining combination of pencils, inks, and warm gray Copic markers to create sharp, well-defined lines with life-like depth and texture. CAFU’s work is always on-point, and is most certainly one artist Valiant would do well to keep for the foreseeable future. Not once in recent memory has CAFU’s artwork disappointed. Colorist Andrew Dalhouse continues to consistently provide the same quality product he has come to be known for. His colors work incredibly well with CAFU’s pencils and inks, and has quickly become one of the finest colorists in the Valiant line up.

Rapture was highly anticipated by Valiant readers and fans when it was first announced earlier this year and has not disappointed. It is a significant expansion of the Valiant Universe and its characters. For fans of Shadowman, Rapture has placed the spotlight on the character with potential for Jack to re-join the premier Valiant lineup the way many have hoped for some time. Rapture #3 is an artistically stunning treat, with an interesting story that takes readers into a strange and unique world filled with ancient evils and dangers. It is a story that has a large amount of associated backstory with the main characters, but enough new information that it is able to be easily followed and understood by new readers looking for quality entertainment.

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