By Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby, George Mann, Cavan Scott, Ivan Rodriguez, Wellington Diaz, Rachael Stott, Mariano Laclaustra, Anderson Cabral, Marcelo Salaza, Fer Centurion, Thiago Ribeiro, Mauricio Wallace, Rod Fernandes, Carlos Cabrera, Mony Castillo, Richard Starkings, and Jimmy Betancourt.

The second volume in the Doctor Who mega-event crossover that is “The Lost Dimension” brings the most epic comics storyline yet to a close in style. It brings together not just the Doctors from the new series, but pretty much every Doctor ever in an exciting climax that pays off on the build-up from the previous volume. Sometimes long-running event crossovers are purely designed to set up the next event or ongoing series, but it helps that “The Lost Dimension”, like most other Doctor Who crossovers, is largely standalone.

The same creative team returns for volume two in a way that pulls you in and keeps you hooked from start to finish, maintaining the consistency that they brought to the table in the first act. The book flows very well as it builds up the tension to an exciting climax. Quite simply, if the scene in “The Day of the Doctor” where all the Doctors united to save Gallifrey was one of your favourite moments of the current Doctor Who series so far, then you are absolutely going to love this second collection which shows that the Doctors are in very good hands. It’s clear that the writers know and care about the characters and are able to get their quirks and mannerisms spot on – something that hasn’t changed from the first collection. One of the main appeals in a multi-Doctor story, in fact the main appeal in a multi-Doctor story, is getting to see the characters interact and the writers do so fantastically. The storyline can get a little predictable at times, but the main draw here is seeing the Doctors come up with ways to solve the problem at hand and it’s always fun watching them being drawn together like this.

The book also finds a way to bring in fan favorite characters like Jenny, The Doctor’s daughter, who now finds herself faced with the prospect of having multiple versions of her father all in the same place, and River Song, who is largely kept separate from the Doctors and gets her own separate arc. Yet despite everything that’s going on, this series never feels like it’s trying to cram too much in. The writers – Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby, George Mann and Cavan Scott –  have done an excellent job at combining the old Doctor Who with the tone of the new, finding out what works and what doesn’t early on. They do an excellent job at showing why the Doctor Who universe should have a multi-Doctor/companion anthology series ongoing at the same time, combining different Doctors such as Four and Twelve together for an arc or two, or Three and Nine for another arc. For a big scale event like this, it’s great to see that the fantastic premise is delivered on.

The collaboration of the multiple artists keeps up the consistency that the book brought to the table in the last volume. Ivan Rodriguez, Wellington Diaz, Rachael Stott, Mariano Laclaustra, Anderson Cabral, Marcelo Salaza, and Fer Centurion work wonders regardless of the issue, and there is no badly drawn piece of work here. The colorists, Thiago Ribeiro, Mauricio Wallace, Rod Fernandes, Carlos Cabrera, and Mony Castillo, add much needed depth to the characters and the various scenes found within, bringing the vibrant world of Doctor Who to life in style, fitting the tone of the show perfectly, going above and beyond what’s required.

If you loved the first volume you won’t be disappointed by the second entry in “The Lost Dimension” saga. It reads much better as a collective event than it would have done individually, making it worth the wait to read the series as a whole. This event has everything a Doctor Who fan could want, and it’s Titan Comics’ biggest and best saga yet.

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