Dark Horse is thrilled to congratulate our longtime friend and partner Stan Sakai as the first winner of the Joe Kubert Distinguished Storyteller Award presented to the celebrated cartoonist Saturday at Ontario’s Comic Con Revolution. Sakai is best known as the creator of the iconic anthropomorphic rabbit ronin Usagi Yojimbo, a fan-favorite comic series that has delighted generations since 1984.

The Joe Kubert Distinguished Storyteller Award, named after the distinguished comic book artist, honors Sakai’s 30-plus-year contribution to the medium of comic books. Speaking of the award, Joe Kubert’s son Andy Kubert says, “Alongside industry award icons Eisner and Kurtzman, we now have the Joe Kubert Distinguished Storyteller Award brought to us by the team at Atomic Crush Events to honor my father and his legacy. Stan Sakai has brought his own ongoing legacy to our field that will be looked upon for generations to come. He is a perfect choice for the first Joe Kubert Distinguished Storyteller Award.”

Mike Richardson, the President and Publisher of Dark Horse Comics says, “For twenty years, it’s been the immense pleasure of Dark Horse Comics to publish the great Stan Sakai. For over 150 issues and numerous graphic novels, Usagi Yojimbo has charmed countless readers and fans. Stan Sakai’s storytelling is magical and it is my privilege to not only have published him but to have collaborated with him on 47 Ronin. Stan is a legendary cartoonist, one whose work will inspire creators and readers alike for years to come.”

In addition to Usagi Yojimbo, Sakai’s contributions to comics include 47 Ronin, Space Usagi, The Adventures of Nilson Groundthumper and Hermy, and Dark Horse Presents. Please join us in offering our heartfelt congratulations to Stan Sakai for this much-deserved honor.

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