Manga Mavericks EP. 106: “Anime NYC 2019, Part 1: News & Interviews”


A couple of months ago we did some massive podcasts to cover everything we did at Anime Expo, and now we’ve got to do the same for Anime NYC! We’re starting off with our long overdue roundup of all the news that came out of the con, which includes tons of licenses and some big announcements. We would’ve just attached the news to our con report, but that ended up being a five hours long conversation all by itself! So,  rather than make a five and a half hour podcast, we thought it’d be better to just split it up into two episodes…

I didn’t just want to make this a news-only podcast, though, so we’re also throwing in some special bonuses. That’s right, we’re including excerpts from all three of the interviews we recorded at the con! We interviewed veteran Pokemon actresses Sarah Natochenny and Lisa Ortiz, and the father of Gundam himself – Yoshiyuki Tomino. I’ve been a huge fan of all three for a long time, so being able to interview them and discuss their careers and passions in person was an incredible experience. They answered some interesting questions too, so we’re excited to share their one-of-a-kind insights with you! 

The full transcripts of these interviews will also be posted on in the next week, and the full uncut audio will be made available on our Patreon by Christmas Day! Check them out  for even more answers and insights from Sarah, Lisa, and Yoshiyuki Tomino! 



00:22 – Intro

01:57 – Demon Slayer Manga Speedup
03:20 – Robot x Laserbeam, Yui Kamio Lets Loose, and Other Short-Lived Shonen Jump Series Receive Digital Volumes
10:10 – Viz Licenses Venus in the Blind Spot & Splatoon: Squid Kids Comedy Show
12:34 – 24/7 Naruto Streaming Channel on Pluto TV
14:49 – Megalobox Season 2 Officially Announced!!
17:22 – Denpa Licenses
23:34 – Square Enix Licenses
31:36 – Yen Press Licenses
48:00 – J-Novel Club Licenses
1:14:00 – Kodansha/Vertical Licenses


1:29:17 – Introducing the Interviews
1:32:25 – Sarah Natochenny Interview
1:38:50 – Lisa Ortiz Interview
1:46:54 – Yoshiyuki Tomino Interview 

1:54:08 – Wrap-Up

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