Manga Mavericks EP 73: Best Of Manga 2018!




On this episode of Manga Mavericks, with the start of the new year comes our annual Best Of Manga episode! We take a look at everything related to the podcast, what manga we read and everything in between. We even only have about 20 minutes worth of news! Its a 2019 miracle!! Enjoy!



0:00:00 – Intro


0:01:36 – New Miss Kobayashi spinoff about Lucoa and Shota

0:03:41 – Shortcake Cake Ends in 2 Chapters

0:04:50 – Gintama will end with its 77th volume

0:07:47 – J-Novel club lisences three new titles

0:12:25 – 2018’s Top Anime Box Office Grosses in North America

Best of Manga Mavericks 2018:

0:20:03 – Favorite Podcast Intros of 2018
0:26:45 – Favorite Podcast Thumbnails of 2018
0:31:01 – Favorite Podcast Reviews of 2018
0:38:58 – Favorite Podcast Moments of 2018

Best of Manga 2018:

0:46:14 – Favorite Manga News Stories of 2018
0:50:55 – Favorite New North American Manga Licenses of 2018
0:55:01 – Favorite New North American Manga Releases of 2018
1:04:15 – Favorite Graphic Novel Covers of 2018
1:07:32 – Favorite Manga Color Pages of 2018
1:13:29 – Favorite Two Page Spreads of 2018
1:21:00 – Favorite Manga Moments of 2018
1:36:58 – Favorite Manga Fights of 2018
1:49:39 – Favorite Manga Chapters of 2018
2:02:58 – Favorite Manga Series Finales of 2018
2:05:49 – Favorite Manga Protagonists of 2018
2:14:25 – Favorite Manga Antagonists of 2018
2:18:03 – Favorite New Manga Characters of 2018
2:24:32 – Favorite New Manga of 2018
2:31:15 – Favorite Currently-Running Manga of 2018
2:40:59 – Fan Favorites
2:46:46 – Manga We Promise to Read in 2019

3:00:20 – Wrap-Up

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