Week 4:


  • Metropolis Monday: Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #4
    • Buried Past” by Rob Venditti, Paul Pelletier, Drew Hennessy, Adriano Lucas and Clayton Cowles
      • A monstrous creature is appearing in the countryside outside of Metropolis and putting the beatdown on Superman. Can Clark Kent solve the mystery behind this muck beast or will Superman be buried for good?!

  • Batman Tuesday: Batman: Gotham Nights #4
    • The Dragnet” by Mark Russell, Ryan Benjamin, Richard Friend, Alex Sinclair and Troy Peteri
      • Batman goes after the biggest criminals in Gotham City: Bruce Wayne’s billionaire peers. But when these blue-blooded businessmen turn to the Joker for help, they find themselves in over their heads. It’s up to Bruce Wayne to step in and save them…even though he may be just as guilty as the rest.

  • Wonder Women Wednesday: Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #4
    • Hope Springs Eternal” by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Daniel Sampere, Juan Albarran, Hi-Fi and Travis Lanham
      • Wonder Woman visits an old friend on her last day, but afterward, Diana’s day turns into a nightmare. Meanwhile, the Penguin gathers a group of villains to enact a new plan against their heroic enemies!

  • Tidal Thursday: Aquaman: Deep Dives #4
    • Worth” and “A Father’s Favor” by Dave Wielgosz, José Luis, Adriano Di Benedetto, Rex Lukus and Wes Abbott
      • Worth” — Aqualad fights off a surprise attack from the Electrocutioner!
      • A Father’s Favor” — Black Manta recruits Aqualad to assist him on a very personal mission.

  • Flash Friday: Flash: Fastest Man Alive #4
    • Flash Forward” by Gail Simone, Clayton Henry, Marcelo Maiolo and Rob Leigh
      • The Flash has arrived in the 25th century to face down the villainous Eobard Thawne, the REVERSE-FLASH! But what Barry discovers isn’t a city in ruins, but a utopia filled with people who can use the Speed Force the same way he does. Can the Flash stop the sinister speedster when he’s surrounded by people who would die for him?!

  • Saturday Morning Cartoons: DC Super Hero Girls: Infinite Frenemies #4
    • Fall Festival” by Amy Wolfram, Agnes Garbowska, Silvana Brys and Gabriela Downie
      • The girls are excited about this year’s Fall Festival, but Harley Quinn has other plans! Will Bumblebee be able to stop her and keep the pumpkinsfrom flying?
    • A Sticky Zit-uation” by Derek Fridolfs, Agnes Garbowska, Silvana Brys and Gabriela Downie
      • Zatanna learns that magic isn’t always the solution for everything—especially when that thing is bright red and in the middle of your forehead!

  • Supernatural Sunday: Swamp Thing: New Roots #4
    • Strategic Outcomes” by Mark Russell, Marco Santucci, John Kalisz and Dave Sharpe
      • At Sunderland’s request, the U.S. military is testing ways to annihilate the monstrous threat known as the Swamp Thing. From swamp to city they’ll hunt him, and while their target tries to keep the innocent from becoming collateral damage, the same can’t be said of his pursuers…

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