Although the term otaku is occasionally used as a slur for a certain type of predominantly Japanese youth, perhaps equating to Western examples like nerd or geek, for most people identifying as otaku, the opposite is the case. Otaku girls represent a vibrant 21st-century subculture, fixated on anime, comics, video games, and even the brash, colorful pop music of Japan and Korea (respectively J-Pop and K-Pop).

If you are intrigued about the possibility of getting familiar with a dynamic otaku female, there are many options open to you. Otaku girls, like a lot of us, spend quite a lot of time on the Internet, so its not difficult to meet them on anime forums, social networks, or online dating platforms. Many anime lovers are also interested in meeting like-minded people.

1. The otaku girl definitely loves anime forums and anime dating sites

Before you investigate these outlets, it would be worthwhile taking a step back to do a little research. There is an adage about opposites attracting, and if you come across as a complete novice who is keen to discover more about otaku culture, the girls you are chatting with will likely find you endearing. But you’ll stand an even better chance of connecting if you understand aspects of the subjects she is passionate about. So Google topics like Top 10 most popular manga comic books. Go onto YouTube and check out recommended anime features, or J-Pop singers. Even if its obvious you are relatively new to all this, and this is likely to become apparent as you chat with an expert,the fact you have gone to the trouble of exploring her world will be enormously impressive.

2. Back to reality – most otaku girls still live a real-life – try cosplays

Its important to remember that while otaku girls might be obsessed with certain things that might seem fairly frivolous, they are, first and foremost, females. They might spend a lot of their leisure time engrossed in cartoon action, but theyll still lead fulfilling lives. A good half-way house would be to consider cosplay. This is where people assume favorite characters and dress up like them, attending conventions, and other social gatherings. From your point-of-view this would be an excellent icebreaker, allowing you to meet upinformally, indulging in conversation about all sorts of things while maintaining focus on the otaku side of her personality.

3. Tips for how to make the otaku girl fall in love with you online:

• Know her passions

Within the overarching definition of being an otaku girl, the source of your attention will have specific favorites. Get to know her preferred animated characters. What aspect of the storylines most appeal – does she have a mischievous or darker side?

• Try to impress her

Its easy enough to develop an interest in the numerous books, movies, and pop songs she likes. Even better – if you could unearth details of some up-and-coming anime release or cosplay events she hadnt been aware of, youll go up in her esteem.

• Do not expect her to change

Never think about poking fun at what you might look down upon as hobbies shell grow out of.  Her interests will be sincere, and her passions will run deep. This is an integral part of her character – so accept it and celebrate it.

• Compliment her – all girls love it

Your otaku girl will love being complimented every bit as much as her non-otaku peers. So tell her how much you love her new fringe – is it styled to be like Mutsuko Sakura? Shell be putty in your hands!

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