Like Nollywood and Bollywood, Japanese drama has come a long way in providing what indigenous folks are looking for. The Japanese culture is exemplified in dorama, and certain romance flicks are particularly popular among Japanese youth. These flicksinclude drama, romance, comedy, horror movies, and jidaigeki (period dramas). A dorama is a home-grown form of entertainment, totally focused on Japanese culture, for the Japanese and created by the Japanese. 

Users on know which dorama is the best to create a romantic mood that can guarantee a great date night and even more. These movies provide a refreshing outlook on friendships and love. 

Dating: What’s It Like To Be In Love?

Taniguchi is a thirty-five-year-old unemployed lad, interested in finding a financially stable lady to take care of him. The lady, Yabushita, like many young ladies today, happens to have an itemized list with 24 characteristics she requires of a man before she considers marrying him. It is romantic humor at its best, and any romance movie lover can relate to the shortcomings of the young lad. 

Dating in the kitchen

An entrepreneur with little time for small talk and a cook at a renowned hotel find themselves lunching together after an unfortunate incident. When the prodigy is pressed to make a tough decision regarding the hotel, his love for food soon overshadows his business endeavor’s negativity. As luck would have it, Gu Sheng prepares one of her hearty meals, which captivates Lu Jin enough to bring them closer together in the long-run. 

How to Date an Otaku Girl (2009) 

In this boy meets girl movie, Shirosaki Yoriko admits to Suwa that she is a fujoshi after he admits his feelings for her. For those who are unaware, fujoshi used to be a derogatory term for spoilt (rotten) femmes in Japan, but Japanese girls who fancy manga have reclaimed the name. He, not knowing what fujoshi means, claims it doesn’t matter because he likes her. The essence of this film is the fujoshi inclinations of the female character.

Lessons That Dorama Teaches Us

Watching dorama, one gets insight into relationships’ realness and how culture always factors into relationships. Dorama flicks like the ones listed above boast characters with very relatable challenges. For example:

A boy meets a girl, but she insists she is vastly different, perhaps even unorthodox, and won’t be a good mix for him. Such situations are common in almost every culture. The lesson here is that no matter your differences, it’s still possible to connect and find love.
Dorama also teaches us that love can be found in unexpected places, where you least expect it. In the movie dating in the kitchen, a proud businessman finds himself falling for a cook. It is common in everyday encounters where personalities clash yet still manage to find love. 

Watch Romantic Movies with Someone Special

Make time to watch these romantic movies with that newfound soulmate. Also, if you’ve been dating for a while, these flicks are fun for movie night, away from dingy bars and loud clubs. Once you found your one true love, it’s better to stick to romantic flicks that portray real characters. Dorama movies have realness to them, unlike fantasy movies with knights in shining armor. 

Bottom Line 

Though these movies are based on Japanese culture, audiences from all over the world can relate to the struggles the characters face. At the end of the day, all characters either find themselves, find love, or both. It’s the perfect genre for you and your soulmate to watch for an intimate night. 

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