The Microsoft MS-200 exam is the first step you should take to become Microsoft certified as a Messaging Administrator Associate. This test evaluates your knowledge of planning and configuring a messaging platform. This exam is a natural choice for many messaging administrators who want to leverage their skills in using Microsoft services and want to access higher-paid jobs available in international companies.

So, this article will give you more details on what skills you should develop to do well in the MS-200 test. Also, as training is the key to the assessment success, we will present different training resources that you can use to obtain the passing score with zero emotions. We know how helpful exam dumps are for comprehensive preparation for Microsoft MS-200 exam dumps. Thus, we have included a special paragraph that will show you how to use these resources to advance your skills. But before we jump into the training resources details, let’s find more about the duties and annual salary that a messaging administrator can get.

Duties and Annual Salary of a Messaging Administrator

The messaging administrator is responsible for deploying, managing, and troubleshooting messaging infrastructure and mail flow typology. This professional works closely with the Security Administrator. They form a team of experts who understand Microsoft 365 services and are able to manage messaging infrastructure as well as to configure its related features to ensure quick disaster recovery and immediate client access. When it comes to the annual payment that a messaging administrator gets, the is the most comprehensive resource. According to their benchmark, the average annual salary for a messaging administrator is a little bit more than $68k. However, the general payment interval varies between $65k and $107k. An IT professional can reach the interval’s higher limit if he/she adds the Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate badge to his/her resume. Recruiters in international companies value candidates who add Microsoft credentials to their CV lists as proof that they have strong knowledge of a certain domain.

Microsoft MS-200 Assessment Structure

As mentioned earlier, Website – Certbolt MS-200 exam is the first test you need to pass to get closer to obtaining the Microsoft 365 certification for Messaging Administrator. The second test to earn this very certification is Microsoft MS-201. Back to the point, the MS-200 focuses on three main topics on which you need to consolidate your knowledge:

  • Database management together with modern messaging infrastructure and disaster recovery configuration;
  • Mail flow management and troubleshooting;
  • Recipient resources and mobile devices management;

In the main exam, you’ll have to deal with from 40 up to 60 tasks within 150 minutes. However, to be eligible for the test, you must pay an entry fee of $165. Not to waste money, intensive training will help you gain the necessary knowledge to obtain the passing score in the assessment MS-200. So, the next paragraphs will present different training resources that you can try and strengthen your knowledge of the exam topics.

Microsoft Official Training Options for MS-200 Exam

The success in obtaining the passing score in MS-200 test depends a lot on the training resources quality. So, checking the vendor’s official website is the first step that any candidate should take to search for study resources. If you go on to the Microsoft test page, you will discover three instructor-led training courses. They will help you gain in-depth knowledge of modern messaging infrastructure, mail flow, and client access, as well as strategies for disaster recovery. The main advantage of this type of training is given by the instructors’ availability to answer candidates’ questions and clarify any concept related to the tested topics. As not all exam-takers can attend live training, they can choose the self-paced courses and become active on community forums. The forums are a good alternative for those candidates who want to get in touch with both past and future test-takers. What is more, you can quickly search online and identify different videos and online books that contain relevant information for the Microsoft MS-200. While the training resources available on the Microsoft platform can be useful, you can strengthen your knowledge and increase your chances to obtain the passing score by using exam dumps.

How Can Exam Dumps Get Used to Test Environment?

Exam-labs is an effective additional training resource that examinees can try to get comprehensive knowledge on MS-200 test topics. This website contains free sets of updated questions coming from past successful test-takers. Using these braindumps from other professionals who already discovered the secret of passing MS-200 exam will help you understand the tested topics and concepts better. However, to be better prepared you can opt for the MS-200 Premium ETE File at $49.99. This ete file contains expert-verified questions with answers of previous exam sessions. If you want to open these dumps and use them to strengthen your knowledge, you will need the ETE Exam Simulator. It will help you get used to the assessment structure, create trial tests, and understand all concepts tested during the main MS-200 exam. Even though the sets of questions and answers are very useful, you should avoid memorizing the answers. The best strategy you can use is starting with understanding the concepts and developing the skills tested in MS-200. Once you feel that you have built strong knowledge on all topics, you can start creating exam simulations and practice until you feel that you can obtain the passing score from the first try.


The Microsoft MS-200 exam checks your knowledge on Microsoft 365 messaging infrastructure. It helps you attain the Microsoft 365 credential for Messaging Administrator Associate, work as a messaging administrator in international companies, and gain a generous annual salary. As this test is not an easy one, you should treat the training process with maximum responsibility. Thus, you should explore all available training options, starting with the Microsoft official website and continuing with reliable exam dumps from the You can achieve a very good result if you add to your strategy a good night’s sleep and an organized training schedule.

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