By Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto, Mike Hawthorne, Adriano Di Benedetto, Marcio Menyz

Daredevil #26 picks off with Matt in prison and Elektra posing as the new Daredevil. While these two are settling into their new status quo, Knull and his symbiote army are starting to take over and spread symbiotes everywhere! Given the King in Black storyline is affecting many of the Marvel tie -ins, we should expect another issue or two of Matt and Elektra getting caught up in the Venom tie-in series.
Tie-in comics are a tricky topic to handle. At times, they can feel like they are completely sidelining the main story and can be an excuse to skip until the series returns to a regular issue. That is yet to be determined with Zdarsky’s go at the King in Black tie in. There are certain plot points that are introduced in this issue that could have some longer lasting effects in the series. For one, Elektra saves a young girl, Alice, in this issue and the reader can get the sense that she may be more than just a random bystander. Zdarsky is able to give the reader a good sense of what Alice is like in a short amount of time. Perhaps Alice is being set up as a supporting cast member in a Elektra centered Daredevil title. Matt’s participation in this issue does not feel as natural as Elektra does. The interesting aspect of Matt’s story was when he was conversing with other prisoners and acknowledging the difference in treatment he is getting. Matt fighting off symbiotes in prison didn’t carry as much weight as his previous scenes did. That being said, seeing Matt take on a new different power for an issue or two will surely be fun to see.

The art in this issue is handled by Marco Checchetto, Mike Hawthorne, Andriano Di Benedetto, and Marcio Menyz. The art in this issue never skips a beat and looks great from cover to cover. The team shines when they are showing the more horroristic elements of the symbiotes. As an example, the chase scene between Alice and her mother truly felt scary with the reveal of her mother having a symbiote on her. When the action isn’t happening, the character moments are presented beautifully with a dark tone that isn’t too gritty. The color palette in this issue certainly has an emphasis on reds and blacks which lends itself well to the visuals of not only Elektra’s new Daredevil costume, but also the symbiotes. Elektra certainly looks great in action and her ninja fighting style looks cool paired with the Daredevil costume.
Daredevil #26 is a bit of a departure from the normal schedule of Daredevil comics due to it being a tie-in issue. The issue does well with providing some interesting scenes and horror elements that we would normally not be able to see in Daredevil’s rogue gallery. Hopefully there will be some elements from this issue that will provide for future story elements to play off of once the King in Black storyline concludes.

8.0 10

Daredevil #26

Daredevil #26

A good tie in-in issue for the King in Black storyline.

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