Lots of people get thrilled with pirates, their lifestyle, and the courage they have. So, even creators get inspired by their stories releasing PC strategies and National casino games for Canada about pirates. What’s more, there are numerous anime series about pirates, and these are the most thrilling ones.

Black Lagoon

Rock, a Japanese clerk, is sent on a business trip to deliver a disk of extremely important information. On the way, the ship on which Rock crosses the sea is hijacked by pirates hired by the Russian Mafia. So he becomes a hostage on a small pirate ship.

The vivid action with well-written characters and lore has become one of the key anime of its time. Rock is an adult with a lot of knowledge and the will to live. The pirates aren’t so simple either. They have their own personality and their own motives for leading such a lifestyle. 

Erementar Gerad

The pirates in the Xebec anime studio have long conquered not only the waters, but also the airspace. They also attack each other, engage in slave trade and fraud, only in a fantasy world.


After yet another raid on another alien ship, the main character, young pirate Kud, finds among the loot a blue-haired girl of another race. These people are much stronger than ordinary ones and have superpowers. With this mysterious girl on board, the pirates have gained unprecedented combat power, but they don’t yet know how it may turn out for them.


Despite the unusual setting, this is a classic shonen with a slight twist on romance. Kud lost his parents early and is ready to protect his ship’s crew like his own family. The themes of faithfulness to one’s promises, courage and persistence towards one’s goals are explored in the series.

Kenran Butou Sai: The Mars Daybreak

Another shonen about pirates, who this time managed to go higher, into space. In the series from studio Bones, Mars is now inhabited. It is now almost entirely covered in seas, which are furrowed by huge ships, and the people on Mars live in underwater cities. But not everything has turned out as well as in fantasy dreams: the economy is in decline and corruption and unemployment are rampant.

Under such conditions, piracy has begun to take root in the seas of Mars, but they are not only plundering ships and settlements but also fighting the arbitrariness of the authorities. The government of Earth, which rules Mars, sent a military group to the planet to destroy the pirates and maintain order. The protagonist himself has lived under these inhumane conditions, but after joining a number of pirates along with his friends, he intends to change the lives of ordinary people.

Bandai Entertainment

This is a serious anime with a military theme, with room for comedy and romance. The viewer doesn’t see static pirate ship battles, but many types of epic battles up to and including underwater robot mechas. The characters don’t have deliberately pathetic conversations, they are all either professional military or experienced pirates who compete not only in combat training but also in tactics. The anime will appeal to those who want to gain a deeper understanding of the subject of piracy.

Mouretsu Pirates

This anime focuses on adventure and sci-fi. Marika works in a high-class retro cafe and spends her free time in a space yacht club. One day she is unexpectedly visited by two of her dead father’s subordinates, who ask that she take command of a pirate spaceship.

The ship’s code was drawn up during the War of Independence 100 years ago, and, according to this code, the command of the ship and its crew passes to the direct descendant of the captain. Thus, Marika goes from an ordinary schoolgirl to a pirate in one day.

The anime is based on a light novel and has two seasons. We watch Marika grow up, as the news that she will inherit an entire pirate ship with a crew has changed her life. Along the way, the heroine finds new friends, battle buddies, and enemies.

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