By Cavan Scott, Ario Anindito, Mark Morales, and Annalisa Leoni

Star Wars: The High Republic #3 delves further into the mystery on Sedri Minor that has warped the mind of Jedi Terec, one of two twins that has a strange connection to each other. As Masters Sskeer and Avar Kriss tend to Terec, newly knighted Keeve Trennis begins learning that there is something odd going on with the locals and begins an investigation herself. It doesn’t take long for Keeve Trennis to learn that there is more going on in this colony than an unfriendly town speaker.

The High Republic comic series written by Cavan Scott has been going at a comfortable steady pace so far. There are plenty of things to gain the interest of the reader without having to do anything too extreme to try and shock the reader into needing to read it further. Throughout much of Star Wars medium, there can be an over reliance on callbacks to the other entries into the Star Wars franchise. Thankfully, things feel natural to this story so far and Scott is building up characters to stand on their own. Jedi Master Ssker is a character that stands out as really interesting due to the numerous possibilities as to why he is acting so weird to Trennis. The other difficult aspect of writing this series lies in having a convincing villain. Due to where this story takes place in the timeline of Star Wars, Scott cannot rely on classic villains like Sith lords, stormtroopers, or even the “war” in Star Wars since this era takes place in a time of peace. The mysterious force behind Ceret’s disappearance and Terec’s madness carries some weight as a terrifying villain for a jedi to face off of. It will be interesting to see how the villain introduced at the end of this issue ties into the mystery of a dead Hutt and the Nihil.

The art in this issue is handled by Ario Anindito, Mark Morales, and Annalisa Leoni. The art in this issue is completely versatile to the needs of the event happening in the story. If it needs to fit a scary scene, the characters are depicted in horrifying scenarios that could make the reader wince, if they need to show a jedi being heroic, then you get a great action shot of them coming down and splitting their opponent in two. The designs for the characters are also to be commended as each character has their own unique look that makes them instantly recognizable. This is an important part for a fledgling series because as we learn about the characters, they need to also stand out in our heads. As mentioned before, Master Ssker stands out as more interesting than other characters and the design of a one-armed Trandoshan jedi certainly stands out among other characters. As for the action scenes, they are fun to see unfold on the page and the lightsabers of jedi are used in creative ways against an unconventional villain.

8.0 10

Star Wars: The High Republic #3 can certainly stand on its own as an interesting addition to the greater Star Wars mythos.

Star Wars: The High Republic #3

The art in this issue is completely versatile to the needs of the event happening in the story.

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