In this month’s special licensing announcement Kodansha USA unveils print manga, novels, and even a very special art book coming Fall 2022. But not only that Kodansha is also revealing all the digital series debut coming in April 2022!

April see’s the digital series debuts of a number of shojo series like the intergalactic friendship manga, Nighttime for Just Us Two. But shonen & seinen see very strong debuts in the hitman action/comedy, The Fable and the high school rumble manga, WIND BREAKER.

And coming Fall 2022 is a highly anticipated art book spanning the entirety of Studio Ghibli’s history to date with the release of Studio Ghibli: The Complete Works. Fall also sees an abundance of tense manga like the latest from acclaimed author Kyoko Okazaki, with the teen murder mystery, River’s Edge. But not only that, more isekai novels are coming as with Am I Actually the Strongest?, and My Unique Skill Makes Me OP even at Level 1, and more!

Print titles announced will be available Fall 2022 at your local and online print vendors such as Barnes and Nobles, Books-A-Million, Amazon and more! While all new April digital debuts will be available upon release across all our participating digital vendors including BookwalkerKindle, Apple Books, Google Play, Nook, Koboizneo, MyAnimeList and more!

To see what other new releases are coming April 2022, be sure to check out our Manga Release Calendar!

Fall 2022 Print Announcements

Hell in a Bottle (Novel)
By Story by Kyusaku Yumeno,
Art by Honojiro Towoji

A children’s Eden on a deserted island turns to hell, as a brother and sister face the ultimate temptation… Told in epistolary form, this bizarre short story takes on themes of faith, degradation, and transgression, accompanied by stunning original artwork.

Classic short stories by literary giants paired with modern illustrators to create a beautiful artbook.

Rated: 16+

The Moon Over the Mountain (Novel)
Written by Atsushi Nakajima,
Art by Nekosuke

This mystical tale of a man transformed into a tiger is rooted in a story dating from the Tang dynasty, but feels totally immediate thanks to Nakajima’s masterful adaptation and Nekosuke’s gorgeous original art. At once lyrical and philosophical, Nakajima’s story is a timeless classic now made available to contemporary audiences thanks to the Maiden’s Bookshelf series.

Classic short stories by literary giants paired with modern illustrators to create a beautiful artbook.

Rated: 16+

By Masakazu Ishiguro

There are weird people abound in a mysterious structure called the Skygrazer: some boys looking for an erotic book, a space detective, a robot…and then a murder happens?! Agent Saeko Sakuraba begins an investigation to reveal the astonishing truth hidden in the Skygrazer.

Rated: 13+

River’s Edge 
By Kyoko Okazaki

From renowned author, Kyoko Okazaki. The creator of Helter Skelter and Pink. Six high school friends’ tangled relationship becomes increasingly tighter when they discover an unknown corpse near the river.

Rated: 18+

Sweet Poolside
By Shuzo Oshimi

Two middle school swimming club students have problems on opposite ends of the spectrum: Toshihiko Ota is troubled by hairlessness and bullied by his peers, while Ayako Goto garners attention for being too hairy. One day Ayako approaches Toshihiko with a crazy request…will he shave her body hair for her?!

A perfect example of Oshimi’s unique blend of the sweet and the perverse, this is ultimately an innocent, charming love story.

Rated: 16+

Last Gender 
By Rei Taki

Welcome to “BAR California”, a place where people with different genders, propensities, and sexual orientations gather to find a certain “something”. A transgender bisexual who has been hurt by the voices of others, a pansexual looking for true love, and a person who identities as both male and female. There are as many sexualities as there are people.

Rated: 18+

Studio Ghibli: The Complete Works 
By Studio Ghibli

From classics like Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind to the latest work, Earwig and the Witch, this beautiful art book features 26 acclaimed Studio Ghibli works. Take a deep look into Ghibli’s first 3D feature film, Earwig and the Witch, with an exclusive interview with director Goro Miyazaki.

Rated: All

Am I Actually the Strongest? (Novel)
Story by Sai Sumimori,
Art by Ai Takahashi

To be reincarnated into another world with the promise of a “cheat” power is one thing… but to be reborn as a baby, and then left for dead after your royal parents think you’re powerless?? That’s another thing entirely! Now the newly-born Reinhart—or Hart to his new friends—must find his way through a dangerous world…but luckily he’s got magic that’s quite literally off the charts!

Rated: 13+

My Unique Skill Makes Me OP even at Level 1 (Novel)
Story by Nazuna Miki, Art by Subachi

Ryota Sato gets the surprise of his life when he’s suddenly transported into another world and nearly clobbered at the hands of the young, pretty adventurer Emily Brown. This new world revolves around defeating monsters and profiting off whatever they drop—food, money, items, and more. Unfortunately for Ryota, he has no skills to speak of…until he learns he has otherworldly drop luck that brings him never-before-seen items! Suddenly his luck turns around…or does it?

Rated: 13+

As a Reincarnated Aristocrat, I’ll Use My Appraisal Skill to Rise in the World (Novel)
Story by Miraijin A, Art by jimmy

After thirty-five years of perfectly ordinary life, a run-of-the-mill businessman suddenly drops dead…only to be reborn in another world! Now he must live as Ars Louvent, scion of a minor noble family and wielder of a fabulous skill: Appraisal, the power to perceive the strengths and abilities of others at a glance.

He’ll need it, too, because there are plenty of problems to solve in the Louvent family’s territory! Ars only has one choice: recruit the most talented individuals his skill can find, and rise up to new heights in his brand new world!

Rated: 13+

The Dawn of the Witch (Novel)
Story by Kakeru Kobashiri, Art by Takashi Iwasaki,
Characters by Yoshinori Shizuma

Saybil is a magic student with no memories of his life before he met a mysterious silver-haired woman in an alley. Now he travels with his teacher, Loux, another student named Holt, and the beastfallen Kudo for “special training”… but this field trip may not be as routine as it seems! This sequel to the popular Grimoire of Zero series introduces new settings and protagonists, while retaining the thrilling action, detailed world-building, and emotional resonance of its predecessor. Forthcoming anime from Tezuka Productions!

Rated: 13+


April’s Digital Debuts

The Angel, the Devil, and Me
By Mayu Sakurai

Release Date: April 5, 2022

Nozomi Shindo is housesitting for her uncle for two weeks while he’s on an international business trip, and though she knows she ought to let the neighbors know, she thinks it’s too much trouble…until her neighbor happens to be utterly gorgeous. His name is Yuta Honjo, and she’s in love at first sight, until his roommate Chiaki Shiki steps out and is somehow even more gorgeous than Yuta. The possibility of a relationship between her gorgeous neighbors fuels her fujoshi mind (and her online novel), but she can’t help but wonder…what is the actual relationship between the two? And is there any space in it for her? From the author of Boss Wife!

The Abandoned Reincarnation Sage
Story by Miraijin A, Art by Kurikaramaru, Original Character Design by Kikkaiki

Release Date: April 5, 2022

Belamus was once a great sage with the power of reincarnation…but as all lives must pass, so did his. He reincarnated with his memories, but was suddenly abandoned as a newborn child! Luckily for him, he was adopted by the nearby goblin tribe…but this moment of kindness may mean more for both the Goblins and Belamus than either of them know!

Rated: 13+

The Fable
By Katsuhisa Minami

Debut Date: April 12, 2022

When you’re the infamous prodigy hitman known only as “Fable,” many things come easy. Being a normal person, however, isn’t one of them. In fact, being told that he can’t kill anyone for a while may just be the hardest job Fable’s ever taken…

Rated: 18+

Nighttime for Just Us Two
By Maki Miyoshi

Release Date: April 12, 2022

Our heroine, whose name no one in school can remember, can’t decide what’s weirder—that the most popular guy in school, Koga-kun, wants to be her friend…or that he insists he’s an alien. But one thing’s for sure—he knows her name, and doesn’t seem ready to let her go through high school anonymous! A new title from the author of My Boy in Blue!

Rated: 13+

Irresistible Mistakes
Art by Mika Sakurano, Original Story and
Supervision by Voltage

Release Date: April 19, 2022

After waking up in a hotel and having to rush to work before she finds out who she was there with, Komatsu realizes she has no memory of the night before. Not only that, but the company darling Tachibana has taken a sudden interest in her. Was he the one she was with that night? And if so, what happened between them…and where will they go from here?

Rated: 16+

By Satoru Nii

Debut Date: April 26, 2022

Haruka Sakura wants nothing to do with weaklings—he’s only interested in the strongest of the strong. He’s just started at Furin High School, a school of degenerates known only for their brawling strength—strength they use to protect their town from anyone who wishes it ill. But Haruka’s not interested in being a hero or being part of any sort of team—he just wants to fight his way to the top!

Rated: 16+


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