Ninjak #6

Ninjak remains all sorts of bananas; a book as confident as its protagonist that deftly juggles the ridiculous until it’s indecipherable from the insightful and delicate character work.

Ivar, Timewalker #8

Lighter on quotable quips or humorous internet commentary than past issues, it attempts to get a little more serious than it may be capable of and the unfortunate fallout is the inexplicable small shifts in characterizations found within.

Copperhead #9

One of the most essential qualities to telling a thoroughly compelling story is its ability to rouse the question, “and then what happened?!?” Copperhead #9 will have the reader doing this before each flip of the page right up until the end.

Ninjak #5

Perhaps a little too anxious to show how impressive a hand it still has to play, Ninjak #5 suffers a little from rushing to the first arc finish line.

Ring of Roses

With so much going on for so long, it never really has much to say about any of the topics it makes use of; the villainous sect inside of this realities’ Roman Catholic Church is near mustache-twirling and their scheme doesn’t speak to the real life devastation of the bubonic plague.

Ivar, Timewalker #7

Pithy banter, real stakes, richly relatable characters, and lively action combine once again to make Ivar, Timewalker dare you to have as much fun as the creators clearly are.