Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches #195

This was a lightly amusing chapter, mostly for the cultural misunderstandings making for some fun unintentional humor. It’s purpose was ostensibly to reintroduce Odagiri into the story and develop the plot with Takuma’s witches further, and on that front, it’s effective, though not much more.

Fairy Tail #474

This was a rushed, overstuffed chapter, featuring many good ideas ruined by unsatisfying execution. There’s not a whole lot to look forward to with the DiMaria fight now that the focus has shifted to a character with a problematic history in the story, and features a villain who is less believable as a threat than even the least credible villains in Dragon Ball Z.

The Seven Deadly Sins #163

It’s refreshing to see a pair of female characters, both love interests of main male characters, who can kick butt and hold their own as well. It’ll be exciting to see just how far they’ll get in this tournament, and I can’t wait to see how the other teams fare in the coming chapters.

Platinum End Chapter 3

This was by far a better chapter than the one immediately prior. There was lots of character development the characters themselves being very sympathetic people. I feel much more confident in recommending this series now that there is a much better idea of where it is going moving forward. A must read for fans of Ohba and Obata.