X-23 #12

By Mariko Tamaki, Diego Olortegui, Walden Wong, and Chris O’Halloran With issue #12 of X-23, the series wraps up. This has been a different series…

Captain Marvel #5

Captain Marvel #5 may not be the best arc ever but it’s been plenty of fun and this punch-up is among the more entertaining brawls.

Uncanny X-Men #18

By Matthew Rosenberg, Carlos Villa, Juan Vlasco, Craig Yeung and Guru-eFX If there is one thing you can say about Matthew Rosenberg’s run on Uncanny…

Champions #5

Five issues into Champions, it’s clear that the current run has all the confidence and quality of a series twice its length.

2000ad Villains Takeover Special

Villains takeover is a huge success. Every story is a winner and the Weston Ezquerra tribute would bring a tear to a glass eye. Add an extra point to the rating for only costing you 99p if you want.