Astro City #4

This issue was probably the best one of the latest run and that says something because the last 2 issues were a very strong arc as well.

Hit! #1

Sometimes you just need a meat-and-potatoes detective pulp story to just immerse yourself into, and Hit! is perfect for that.

Reality Check #1

There could be some potential here for an interesting book. The ball is in Brunswick’s court, and it’s up to him on how the story goes from here.

Batman Black and White #1

If your budget only permits you one comic this week, you should, without a doubt make that comic Batman Black and White. Comics like this have the potential to enrich our view of the medium as a whole on top of being quite entertaining, and give us a very critical position on the characters we love.

Sheltered #3

Sheltered has really had a remarkable start and the cliffhanger this issue ends which assures us next issue things will get interesting. Christmas and Chankahamma make a great artistic duo and when you throw in an engaging story with well developed characters from Brisson and you really have an engaging series.

The Black Bat #5

Overall, the Black Bat may not appear to vastly differ from the many other pulp titles currently being produced. However, as always, it is best to follow the artists as opposed to the characters In this case, this philosophy has paid off given Buccellato’s excellent sense of pacing and overall story-telling.

The Bunker #2

Issue two is as strong as the first, but with a totally different approach. Fialkov and Infurnari have given readers a taste of the bigger picture, but are clear that the book is dedicated to the characters first.

Forever Evil #1

This is an issue that can be appreciated after the first reading, but to gain the full effect and understanding it will need to be revisited. Be warned…it is a bleak issue, but that’s the point. It’s time to indulge your dark side and embrace Forever Evil!