Kill or be Killed #1

Their combination of words and images makes TV feel like a cheap trick by comparison and further proves that comic books are a storytelling art form unlike anything else.

Sombra #1

By Justin Jordan, Raul Trevino and Juan Useche Wow, great start!  Sombra (Spanish for Shadow) is an all-new four-part series by BOOM! Studios and issue…

Conan The Slayer #1

Only one issue in to this all-new series and it’s more than tempting to say that the return of the regular monthly Conan title may also be a return to form. Exciting times!

I Am Legion

It cannot be said enough that despite being an amazingly complex storyline it still comes across in a way that begs you to keep reading. Word of caution: once you start reading I Am Legion you wont be able to put it down.