Preview: Batgirl #21

BATGIRL #21 After a series of attacks targeted toward women sweeps Burnside, Batgirl begins a thorough investigation to find the perpetrator. But she’s not the…

Preview: Batgirl #20

BATGIRL #20 As the temperature drops even lower, Batgirl feels the pressure to find the maniac behind the worst blizzard that Gotham has seen in…

Preview: Batgirl #19

BATGIRL #19 When a massive blizzard hits Gotham City without warning, Batgirl must brave the bitter cold to discover the truth behind the storm. Is…

Preview: Batgirl #7

Written by Hope Larson Art by Christian Wildgoose, Mat Lopes Published by DC Comics Release Date: January 25, 2017 “Son of Penguin” part one! Babs…

Nightwing #3

This is a really enjoyable issue that effectively shows how Dick is just putting his foot in it again and again.

Nightwing #2

Seeley has readers asking all of the right questions while Fernandez and Sotomayor are making it more than appealing to the eye.

Nightwing #1

Nightwing made an excellent first impression during its Rebirth special and keeps that feeling rolling well through its first issue.