Batman #24

by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, James Tynion and Raphael Albuquerque Is it just me or do these Batman arcs tend to lose steam after so long?…

Batman #23.4: Bane

By Peter Tomasi & Graham Nolan When Villains Month was first announced, fanboys everywhere raged on about how it was nothing more than a gimmick….

Batman Black and White #1

If your budget only permits you one comic this week, you should, without a doubt make that comic Batman Black and White. Comics like this have the potential to enrich our view of the medium as a whole on top of being quite entertaining, and give us a very critical position on the characters we love.

Batman #23.1 (Joker)

With Villains Month now upon us, DC has graced us with the Clown Prince of Crime right out of the gate. Unfortunately, the final product leaves us feeling angry and a little jilted. Hopefully, one of these other 900 3D cover books will take this bad taste out of my mouth.