Infamous Iron Man #1

Bendis and Maleev are creating a rich and wonderfully complex scenario for Doom that could either allow him to be the hero or villain, and that is just how you want a comic with Doom in it

Civil War II: Ulysses #1

This series is clearly going to be a necessity to tie together all the events unfolding in Marvel’s big summer event, but it will keep your attention will the great storytelling, fantastic art, and some badass moments from some of your favorite Inhumans.

The Vision #10

The Vision just delivers in every aspect a comic should from great storylines that enrich characters, to beautifully crafted pages.

Spider-Gwen Annual #1

The stories are as varied as the art, but there is a reason for each story and the order they are presented in provides a great overarching understanding to this character.

Power Man and Iron Fist #4

All of this makes this a fun read, but this book has potential to be so much more by just giving these characters a storyline that really makes us care about them.

Daredevil/Punisher #1

Daredevil/Punisher #1 is exciting despite it’s predictable first issue set up because it has the capacity and potential to be more than just this first issue.