The Beauty #1

The Beauty has more to say than it’s elevator pitch, which is incredible as its pitch is fascinating on its own. After just one issue, readers will be clamoring for more.

King #1

With a curious premise and a decent ending teaser, it will certainly be fun to follow this series as it progresses.

Neverboy #6

With a compilation of fantastic talent across the board, Neverboy #6 is a fitting conclusion to a wonderful series.

The Spire #2

The new series from BOOM! Studios has, in just two issues, created an amazingly elaborate new universe that is as enthralling and captivating as the central plot.

Broken World #3

The third issue of the series maintains this intrigue, but with so much ground still to cover it feels a like there will be a lot packed into the final chapter.

Stringers #1

In a way, the writing trope is a tad uninspired here, but the energy and enjoyment of the overall experience are certainly not dampened. Ultimately, Stringers #1 is a solid first issue.

Wolf #1

While a few panels do jump out, the overall visual landscape of Wolf manages to be effective through mood, pacing, and design. The oversized first issue gives readers plenty to chew on and a lot to look forward to next month.

RunLoveKill #4

So, while it is hard to have to wait for the next issue, it is only so because of the high quality of this arc. Readers will likely be eagerly awaiting the second half of the series.