Nightwing Rebirth #1

If this Rebirth issue is any indication of where the series is going to go, there is no doubt that the funny and enjoyable stories to come will further the character and pleasantly surprised any new reader.

Batman #1

King is focusing on some very interesting aspects of the character, including things that haven’t been explored in a long time.

Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1

If this is the rebirth of Wonder Woman, count me in. The story and art of this issue really set the tone for her future stories and they will be done with two alternating stories with one arc titled ‘The Lies’ and the other ‘Year One’. DC seems to be doing everything right after Rebirth, and if this is an indication of the books come we should all start adding them to our pull lists.

Detective Comics #934

Detective Comics is off to a great start. Tynion IV has always had a knack for writing secondary Gotham characters, so this is obviously where he should be. With the current art team, this series has a lot going for it.

Superman: Rebirth #1

Superman: Rebirth #1 is not perfect, but it’s not awful either. Tomasi has already shown that he’s able to write a compelling Superman and no amount of nostalgia cash-grabs is going to change that. The upcoming Superman #1 will hopefully be a more proper start.

Spinner Rack #3

They call comic books the “The Medium of Angels.” I didn’t find it to be that, exactly. But I’ll allow there are some nice folks…